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Family Harmony

Family's strengths and growth areas


Unlock the potential of your transnational family with the "Family Harmony Program" - your pathway to connection, growth, and resilience. Discover Your Family's Strengths and Growth Areas: Empower your family to build a robust and united front, overcoming challenges together. This program is your key to understanding how your transnational family can function harmoniously as a supportive unit. Couples Talk for Lasting Support: Communication is key, especially during challenging times. Discover the power of couples talk as a vital support factor in expatriate family life, according to recent studies. Family Harmony Program Highlights: Tailored for families in transition or living overseas, this program includes the acclaimed PREPARE ENRICH online assessment tool. Followed by two 60-minute consultations, our program focuses specifically on your unique transnational family situation. Identify your family's strengths and growth areas to best support each other in any situation - before, during, or after a transition.

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